About me

« When I grow up, I want to help people!” Although I did not have a job yet, I knew that helping people was my calling, so I began to pursue a Master’s degree in Human Resources. After graduation I took a position with a large corporation and gained valuable experience in my field. At this point in my life I craved new horizons, so I put on my backpack and hit the road, excited to meet interesting people from all over the world, hear their stories, see how others lived outside my comfort zone. Through my travels I connected with many beautiful and incredible people who inspired me with alternative lifestyles and possibilities. It allowed me to view the world through a different lens. I learned to let go, to simply live in the moment everyday, and trust in the journey, as well as the destination.

Fast forward to the summer of 2012. A warm breeze picks me up and drops me in Montreal. I fell in love with the city and decided to turn a two week holiday into a permanent residence.
In 2014, I became a certified massage therapist and enjoy doing what’s fulfilling in the French Province of Canada.

In 2018, I was honored to receive a scholarship from the Esalen Institute to study the art of massage in Big Sur, California. In the 60’s, Esalen happened — and with it, the birth of the human potential movement. This achievement marked a turning point in my personal and professional evolution.
An attitude of exploration, conscious touch, and being fully present in each moment encapsulates the Esalen® approach.

With this constant focus on presence, I welcome you in my peaceful space on the lively neighborhood of Villeray.
As I have made the conscious choice to live a life without cell phone, please feel free to connect with me via email or my facebook page.

Thank you,

My massage

Be it restorative relaxation or remedial treatment, I work with my clients to create a customized session to address many and varied needs and goals.

Employing both Swedish and Californian systems of massage, my work draws on the techniques of biomechanical, psycho-corporal and energy work to achieve a deep relaxation of the mind and body that will last long after the session has ended.

The philosophy behind my approach is that by relieving back pain, headaches, muscle tension and other physical barriers to well-being, we also release stress and the mental obstacles that interrupt our efforts to maintain a healthy mind-body balance.

Allow your busy schedule a quiet parenthesis with a visit to my peaceful, relaxing therapy space; just a little time for yourself to create room for more calm, comfort and tranquility in your daily life.

Give the gift of massage to yourself, or a loved one.

60 min – 90$ | 90 min – 130$ | 120 min – 160$

Insurance receipts and gift certificates are available.