About me

I am a name on a passport.
I am the purple of this page. I am a mum.
I am a woman who loves and question myself.
Answers comes and goes, dissolve in the unknown.
To keep living with curiosity and float somewhere in the collective consciousness.

Beyond an identity, I know who I am when I do what I love.
And when I am the hand that feels, touch, connect with care on your being thats speaks, breath, tells your story, therefore I am.
I am really fully present. I am here.

I am an addition of experiences, doubts, dreams and learnings.
I came to visit Montreal for two weeks and 10 years later, I’m still here. I stayed and I studied massage therapy following an impulse to dance a song my heart was longing for.

Paramount step in my journey towards healing, I get a chance to study massage at Esalen Institute, Big Sur, Birthplace of the human potential movement.
When sea meets the sky, it’s a place for transformation unlike any other and I learnt so much about me, about others. With trademarks long flowing strokes for wholeness and integration, Esalen massage is a meditative experience and may affect somebody on more than the physical level.

I’m committed to offer you a full hearted presence, exploring with you the depths of massage and allowing to sink into a deeper place to become our freer version.
I got your back.

My massage

Be it restorative relaxation or remedial treatment, I work with my clients to create a customized session to address many and varied needs and goals.

Employing both Swedish and Californian systems of massage, my work draws on the techniques of biomechanical, psycho-corporal and energy work to achieve a deep relaxation of the mind and body that will last long after the session has ended.

The philosophy behind my approach is that by relieving back pain, headaches, muscle tension and other physical barriers to well-being, we also release stress and the mental obstacles that interrupt our efforts to maintain a healthy mind-body balance.

Allow your busy schedule a quiet parenthesis with a visit to my peaceful, relaxing therapy space; just a little time for yourself to create room for more calm, comfort and tranquility in your daily life.

Give the gift of massage to yourself, or a loved one.

I invite you to connect with email / facebook or text message to arrange a session.

Voyage 60 minutes for 100$ I 90 minutes for 145$

Insurance receipts and gift certificates are available.